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ABC Pen: A look at one of the companies in BG Space

Based on the philosophy of building products that serve society,  Zhang Ming founded ABC Pen Technology Co. Ltd. in 2016, an R&D technology company that focuses on AI and intelligent optical character recognition (OCR) solutions. It provides solutions for educational institutions, enterprises, and the government. Customer includes the leading mobile providers in China; China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom; Amazon AWS; WPS Office as well as several leading Chinese banks such as Citic Bank and Pudong DevelopmentBank.  ABC Pen joined BG Space in 2018.

CEO Zhang Ming had close to 20 years of professional experience working with communication, social networking,e-commerce, mobile Internet and AI technologies at large international cooperations such as Cisco and Alibaba before deciding to build his own company. Since its founding, ABC Pen has developed a 30+ strong team withexperiences from companies such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent that includesgraduates from many of China’s top universities such as Tsinghua University,Peking University and Zhejiang University. The team has developed an image recognition technology platform, applicable to recognition of handwritten text, image search, human body recognition, multi-target tracking. ABC Pen has also developed natural language processing technology able to perform complex semantic analysis.

The company derives its names from one of its earliest products, an interactive pen that in real-time can capture what is written with the pen to the ABC Pen app, making it not only easy to capture notes, but opens up for a range of online collaboration opportunities. The isused as an integrated part of many of ABC Pens products on offer. A unique feature of the pen is also that it is useable on any surface, which removes the need for a sensor pad, a screen or special paper etc. that pen interface technologies typically rely on.

Based on its technology platform, ABC Penhas additionally developed a range of advanced online educational tools that include student face-to-face video communication, interactive blackboard, cloudcourse ware storage, mobile phone micro lesson support and a range of otherfeatures. During 2019 ABC Pen singed agreements with educational of Jiangsuprovince and the city of Qingdao for development and deployment of their educational platform.

At present ABC Pen is getting ready tolaunch its latest product Zmeet, an online conference system with unique security features, high scalability and high availability. Zmeet is scheduled for release later during April 2020.

ABC Pen technology completed a pre-A investment round in March 2018, raising 10 million RMB.

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