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The cofactory

LeWorks is a cofactory, a co-working space for manufacturing companies that is a service for companies that want their own assembly factory without having to manage it. LeWorks we handle all factory management tasks, while leaving the customers in control of the actual manufacturing work.

The first LeWorks factory is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, close to Shanghai and focuses on electronics assembly.

LeWorks also offer sourcing services, helping clients find and buy quality parts from China.



Applied R&D

The Hangzhou Innovation Institute for Systems Oncology 杭州系统肿瘤技术创新研究院 (HIISO) is an applied R&D center established in collaboration with Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City with the aim to develop and commercialize cancer diagnosis and treatment technologies. 

HIISO offers 3,000 sqm. state-of-the-art biomedical laboratories, including a cell production cleanroom, molecular biology and microscopic imaging laboratories, equipment for nucleic acid synthesis, extraction, detection, and analysis experimental equipment as well as animal testing facilities. 



Financial Advisory & Investments

InnoBridge’s wholly-owned daughter company BG Capital raises investments for both Chinese and foreign companies in China from Chinese investors. BG Capital also support the application of government grants by companies and individual entrepreneurs. BG Capital can manage the whole process from selection of suitable grants, application, and management of successfully received grants.

Test Tubes


Life Science Professional Services

Qijia R&D is a joint venture company currently in establishment by InnoBridge in partnership with co-founders from Fudan University School of Life Sciences. 

Qijia R&D will offer a full range of life science professional services, including

  • Contract R&D

  • CDMO

  • CRO

  • Specialized company registration services

  • Compliance management

  • Marketing

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